Discovering Slovenia

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I’ve travelled a lot during the spring months, so I decided to save some money in the summer and discover the beautiful Slovenian mountain side. Plane tickets will be cheaper in September:). Even though Slovenia is a small country it has a lot to offer and during this trip I found some new favourite spots. My journey started at the national reserve Zelenci, so early that there was almost no one there = extremely early for me.

Summer Festival Essentials

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I’m one of those girls who would rather spend more money on bras and lingerie than a classic pair of jeans. Beautiful lingerie can make you feel great about yourself and gives you confidence. Sometimes it’s a shame to cover it up and summer temperatures offer the perfect opportunity to show what we are hiding in our underwear drawer. Since summer is filled with festivals I prepared an outfit I would definitely take with me. You only need 5 pieces of clothing to create three looks that will get you in the summer festival mood – two lace bralettes, a silk slip, a long skirt and a jacket. Of course, there are also accessories: flowers, bracelets, rings, flip flops… Life is better in flip flops, right?

Sweet New Start

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Joie de Vivre and Cupcakes has taken a creative break and now the blog is back, filled with energy and creativity. I think we all need it from time to time and now I have a more clear idea of what I want to do with my blog. And in case you missed, a new look too. What do you think about it? I wanted a cleaner, minimalistic look and it took me some time to find it.

My sunny trip to London

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I have been on a ˝study break˝ from blogging the last couple of weeks and now I have so many things I want to tell you about!:) Before the exams started, I visited London, probably one of my favourite cities in the world. Why do I love travellling there? Well, maybe I’m lucky, but whenever I visit, it rarely rains. The temperatures are nice and the sun shines. And it’s never too crowded. Yes, there are a lot of people at the underground stations and touristic sights but otherwise, it doesn’t feel like you are always in a crowd. Or maybe it’s just because the people are so polite and always apologize if they bump in to you. It’s just beautiful.

My Beauty Box

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I got back from London a few days ago with my batteries recharged (ready to study for the exams! – kind of :)) and I remembered I haven’t told you about one of the most useful things for every lover of beauty products. Have you heard about My Beauty Box? It’s a monthly subscription box that brings you cosmetic products every month directly to your home.

Why should you visit Slovenian seaside in spring?

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The seaside is one of my favourite parts of Slovenia. Even though it’s just 46 km long and you could almost walk from one part to another, it’s diverse and beautiful. It’s a combination of gorgeous old towns, pure nature and tourist destinations. I love to visit the seaside in spring and in autumn, as it’s not so filled with tourists. In spring it feels like everything is slowly waking up after winter. In autumn it is a calm and windy place that always makes me feel peaceful. Time runs slower there. Everybody is relaxed, nobody is in a hurry and the sun shines more often.

Chocolate and Pistachio Vegan Muffins

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It has been a while since I’ve posted a recipe. Mostly because I haven’t had much time to cook and finding time to try our recipes has been a challenge. These days, I have a bit more free time than usual and I decided to try out something new. I love that sweet and salty combinations, so I decided to mix two of my favourite flavours, pistachio and chocolate.

Summer hair accessories

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The festival fashion is a big part of my summer style, not just because I love to visit festivals but also because I adore that boho chic style. Flower crowns and hair chains have completely captured my attention and I found some interesting styles I would love to try out. Last year I bought some flower crowns during the sales and this year, my focus is on all kind of chains.

The blue dress

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I love that time of the year when it gets warm enough to bring out the light spring/summer dresses. It’s what I feel best in and could wear it through the whole year if it was warm enough here. Well, at least I can wear them from April to October and then they wait in the closet in expectation of spring. I bought this dress last summer during the sales