AZ Lanzarote collection and dreams of summer

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What are the little things that make you dream about summer? Is it the scent of sunscreen and pine trees? The feeling of salt on your skin? The sound of waves or the song that reminds you of the first time you went to the seaside with your friends? Wind messing with your hair? Or is it your favourite summer dress or pair of bikinis? Maybe it’s just a pattern or a colour that reminds you of summer?


A Creative Workspace For Creative Souls

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I may have mentioned before that this year, I’m moving on my own. I spent most of this summer redecorating an old apartment and for the first time, I had no limitations (well, only the finance related ones :)). For the first time, I have no old furniture that the landlord wants to keep, I have no problems with investments as I don’t plan to change the place I live each year that I study … and I can finally have a big comfy bed! More about that later, for now I’ll talk about workspaces. Mine is still in the making, but here is a small preview of my little corner. And along with it, some photos that are currently inspiring me and giving me ideas about what I want my workspace to look like.

Our Growing Edge

Kitchen time

I have a surprise!

….drum roll…

I was invited to host July’s edition of Our Growing Edge! This monthly blogging event was created by Genie, a lovely blogger at Bunny Eats Designs. The idea is to connect and inspire bloggers from all around the world, who can share their food experiments and kitchen adventures. It’s all about trying out new ingredients, recipes … and having fun! There is a curious creature in everyone of us who still wants to grow, to learn, to explore and Our Growing Edge is a place where you can do exactly that. I’m honored to be chosen for this month’s host and can’t wait to see what you will all prepare.

How can you enter? 

Add your recipe by visiting Our Growing Edge page and clicking on the blue square with a cute frog. Here you paste the link to your recipe and some information … and that is it! This month’s theme is PARTY WITH FRIENDS. Since it’s summer, I think you’ll have no problem with the inspiration.

So go to the kitchen and find that child in you who wanted to bake a cake on a frying pan (true story :))!

The Rules / Submission Guidelines

1. Your post must contain the phrase Our Growing Edge and have the Our Growing Edge logo. Save the logo image and post it on your post. Example: This post is part of the monthly link up party Our Growing Edge. This event aims to connect food bloggers and inspire us to try new things. This month is hosted by <host name> at <blog name>.
2. Your entry must link to the host and to this page. If you are submitting an already published post, remember to update it with the phrase, logo and links.
3. You can enter with any new food experience as long as it is new to you.
4 .You may submit up to two entries per month.


Je t’embrasse,


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The summer vacations are unfortunately coming to an end and it is hard to imagine that I will have to get up for classes in the morning in a few short days. My sleeping rhythm is really messed up, as I just came home from Barcelona where the city was still alive at three in the morning. The town was simply amazing, it had everything I love: art, culture, sea, beach … and I could go on and on and on. These kind of experiences really inspire me, so I can’t wait to write about my summer adventures, including two amazing trips, one to London and one to Spain. This will get me through the rainy and cloudy days of October, especially going through the huge bunch of photograhs:) The only thing that prevented me from staying abroad are new projects coming up, making me feel I have a million things to look forward to, even if the college year is starting.

1010933_10201494721243203_538732597_nSo here is a sneak peek into my summer, filled with beautiful places, photographs, videos, lovely experiences and most of all, amazing people. The picture was shot at the amazing Barcelona beach, and here is a link to video I made a week before the trip. Two friends (great dancers, by the way:)) wanted to send a video to a dance festival in Belgium, as the dancers from all over the world had the chance to made up their own version of a famous contemporary choreography, giving them the opportunity to be shown at the 30th anniversary of Rosas danst rosas.

I can really see now that amazing things are all around us, we just need to keep our eyes open:)

Je t’embrasse,


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Creative days


Bad weather has good consequences on me, as I become quite creative when I am stuck in my apartment. I just adore everything personalized and handmade, so I try to fill my world with as many cute sewed, painted or colored things that I can. I hope this post will inspire you to do something special for yourself or for the people you love.

My newest project is a new romantic and cute (but not too girly) notebook for this school year. So I found a plain one and decided to spice it up!  I taped a beautiful retro paper all around it and decorated it with some lace and flowers that were lying around the house. The only bad side effect was the smell of the glue all around the house;) In the end, I discovered I had used all of the leftovers from a previous project, a photo-book, made for one of my favorite college subjects, Photography. That one was a real challenge, because I wanted to use an old projector lens, which meant i had to precisely cut a circle into a thick book cover, and afterwards, I sewed lace all around it into a cardboard paper. I was always a stubborn girl and in this case, it really helped:) So here are the pictures of the finished projects and I hope you like it.

Je t’embrasse,


526337_10201384401245272_1415150608_n       1017594_10200898314613410_708907575_n
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