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This week I am spending last summer days at the seaside, so I’m a bit late with this post, but better late than never. This time I will talk about make up from Oriflame I’ve tried out this summer and will definitely use it through the next few months. The One is the newest collection by cosmetics brand Oriflame with absolutely gorgeous packaging. Yes, that is what I notice first:)


The One Everlasting concealer and The One Loose Powder

Okay, these are the basics. Concealer is one of the things I can’t be without and I always have problems with finding the right shade. This one is surprisingly light and it gives your eyes a fresh, rested look. I would recommend it to all of us with pale skin who have trouble finding the right colour.

Translucent loose powder is also the cherry on top of every make up and it makes your make up looking fresh through the day. It’s one thing that was missing from my make up drawer for too long.


The One Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel

It’s hard to find a lip gloss that isn’t sticky and this is just great. Bright pink colour is ideal for a day in the sun, you don’t even need much other make up. Just for the days you don’t want to wear too much make up, but still want to look elegant.If you like really shiny lip gloss, this one won’t be for you, but for me, it’s perfect, as I mostly use matte lipsticks or the ones with discrete shine.


The One Long Wear Nail Polish and The One Colour Unlimited Eye Shadow Stick

And for the end, nail polish and eye shadow stick in aqua colour. Well, this one is personally my favourite for the summer. As for nail polish, I used it on my toe nails, as I got a gel manicure this summer (best thing ever:)). This mermaid tone is just what I needed for a day at the beach. Even though I don’t wear other shades than nude tones often, I liked the greenish blue shade, which I add in a thin line under my eyes to bring out the colour. Something for sea lovers 🙂


Have you tried out any of these? What do you think about this collection :)?

Je t’embrasse


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