Shower with Lush

Cosmetics, Make up

I’m an unintentional spoiled brat when it comes to shower gels, shampoos, body lotions, face creams … My skin decided to ignore my wallet and it’s pleased only with natural, non-aggressive products. Otherwise it gets itchy,  dry, a bit red, and consequently, I get annoying and moody. Not wanting to lose all my friends, I treat my skin kind and buy quality product instead of another gorgeous dress, even though I really want to.


I decided to try out two of Lush’s shower creams. Well, my intention was to buy one but I couldn’t decide, so I bought two different scents … I will use all of them anyway 🙂 . Why I picked Lush?

  1. They use organic ingredients 
  2. They don’t test their products on animals
  3. Their product and shops have the best scent! 


The third reason was the one that lured me into this store in the first place, as I haven’t heard about it before. I’m one of those people who just walk around the store until the scent gets attached to them just like a perfume. I could just stay there all day.

Yuzu and Cocoa

 yuzu and cocoa lush 

There’s an interesting thing about this scent. I was sure vanilla was one of the ingredients. 100 % sure. But then I went through the ingredients list and I only found cocoa, citrus and bergamot. Well, the scent is similar to chocolate with orange or Jaffa cookies, so I have no complaints :). It’s really kind to your skin, I haven’t expirienced any itching or red spots, even though I haven’t washed it off completely once, when I was in a hurry. 

The Comforter

 the comforter lush 
Pink decided to find a way into my world this summer. Pink swimsuit, pink nail-polish(es), pink lipstick …. And I thought I was over the pink phase when I turned 16. The first reason why I picked this one up was the fuxia color, but when I smelled it I had to buy it. Black currant, bergamot and cypress oil did the trick. And this one has vanilla in their ingredients list:)

Je t’embrasse,


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