Vegan in the making

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Hi there! Hope you had a nice weekend and that you are spending this Sunday the best way you can 🙂

I’ve been experimenting with vegan food a lot for the last year and I’ve spent whole April as 99,9 % vegan. It was an interesting experience, trying out many different foods and recipes, luckily succeeding at most and burning a few. I lost a few pounds, my skin got better … the only thing I didn’t like was checking out the labels of so many products. At the end of April, I was so used to eating only vegan foods, that I just didn’t feel the need for cheese, milk chocolate, coffee with cream, all in all everything I thought it will cause me problems through last month. And I decided to stick to it more or less. Even though I’m still adapting to the switch and I’ve eaten few things, that are just vegetarian, I must say that following plant-based diet isn’t so hard as I expected.

Cup of hot chocolate

But this post won’t talk about that vegan challenge. It will talk about that slips, that happen to (almost) everyone, when they go on a diet. I’m not a perfectionist, I’ve spent my life without weight-loss diets and I’m not very disciplined. And I’m sure that the same problem that happened to me happened to most people, even those with better personality dispositions. I started thinking about (and seeing) foods that I just couldn’t resist. And I had to admit to myself, that there will be times that I will probably slip, but there is nothing wrong with that, as long when you return to the usual habits later. Everybody’s got some guilty pleasures when it comes to food and especially to diets. Here are my problems:

1. Some special ice-cream brands like Ben & Jerry or ice-creams cafes by the sea

Luckily, there is only one (serious, only one!) store in the whole country that sells this brand of ice-creams. And it’s in that part of the capital I rarely go to. But when I go, I have to buy it. More than one pint unfortunately. Oh, and the bars near the coast! When you need an ice-cream after a long swim… Luckily, I found some bars that have one or two vegan options on the menu this year, but still, I think it is almost impossible for me not to slip sometimes this summer and ordering something that is definitely not vegan (and will probably give me a bad stomach ache later).

ben and jerrys

2. Cookies that remind you of your childhood

In my case, that’s Domačica. Last week I came home, saw the box on the table and didn’t even think about checking the ingredient list! But this brand of cookies is much, much older than me, and when I was young, you could find them in any store (and maybe one or two other brands, and that was that :)). I know it’s not good to eat refined foods. I know that these are not vegan. But whenever I am near that box of cookies, I can’t resist and I could probably eat everything myself. I got to work on my self-control.

3. Going out for Mexican food

Saved the best for last! In Slovenia, I think I haven’t found any dish I liked there that doesn’t include cheese or some other dairy products. Everything I like! I love making tortillas at home when I can adapt the ingredients to my taste, but lets admit it  it’s nice to go out for a dinner here or there. And I think I will cheat on my vegan diet with nacho few times a year, but as long as it’s not more than once a month … I’ll probably have to say it’s okay 🙂

What are your guilty pleasures? Are there any foods you just can’t resist?

Je t’embrasse,


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5 thoughts on “Vegan in the making

  1. I love your sense of humor & I appreciate your honesty (so refreshing)! =) Have you seen the chart that explains which vitamin deficiency causes certain cravings? I refer to it whenever I have a craving LOL =)


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