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Somewhere between Winter and Summer

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cozy gap outfit

The temperatures around here have been crazy since July. First of all, it was raining for most of the summer and I can’t remember a single evening I wasn’t wearing a jacket. I was sweating in short sleeves in October. And now I feel like I’m living in London, with short showers and trench coat temperatures. So what would be more perfect than a T-shirt and a warm hat, to show how confused we are about what to wear! Lately, I’ve found myself leaving the house in the morning like I was going to see penguins in Antarctica, and returning home in the evening wearing a cardigan, while I carried my scarf, hat and coat in my hands. Not to mention I only wore a short-sleeved dress in the middle of the day when I went for a cup of coffee. Sounds fun, right? 🙂

t shirt gap outfit

Are we crazy? Maybe! 🙂 So don’t do this at home, I don’t want anyone to blame me for catching a cold 😀

warm hat

Je t’embrasse,


jeans and t shirt gap outfit

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hat and gap t shirt

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