Joie de Vivre and Cupcakes on Facebook!


I have finally decided to make a Facebook page. Why? Well, before I got used to Reader or Bloglovin, I liked following blogs on Facebook because it was something I looked at every day. You see that little button up there that says Facebook? Yes, that one on the right! Click it, if you want to see more :). Here you can see some random pictures between different posts, some interesting links and all in all cute stuff.

And why now? I’ve always said I’ll make a Facebook page when I have one hundred followers (I’m a bit late but okay:)). So I would like to thank everyone who decided to stop by, look at some pictures, read some articles and maybe decided to visit more often. Honestly, I didn’t expect so much readers when I started writing so this was a huge surprise and achievement for me – jumping-in-the-air-with-a-happy-smile surprise, of course 🙂


Have a nice Wednesday and one big virtual hug to everyone! I wish I could send you this waffle but WordPress doesn’t support that feature yet 🙂

Je t’embrasse,


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