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Ice-cream, Red Lipstick and One Cute Dog

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To eat ice-cream or not to eat ice-cream, is that even a question?

I think it is time to write an article that doesn’t include a recipe :). Fashion has always been a lot of fun for me (as long as I am behind the camera, I need to change that soon:)) During the rainy summer days, me and my friend Barbara decided it’s time to ignore the rain and pretend it’s summer. So we decided to shoot some ice-cream themed photos. An excellent excuse to try out some delicious ice-cream. I mean, who would just take some photos with an ice-cream and then wouldn’t eat it! Her puppy Rozi decided to join us, too (probably because of the melting ice-cream, trying to catch a drop of chocolate).


Ice-cream always makes people smile on a rainy day!


Don’t mess with us!


I want some ice-cream, too!


Okay, a dog biscuit will do 🙂

I think I’ll have some ice-cream now! Just to make autumn fell more like summer:)
And how do you make yourself feel better on a lazy rainy day?

Je t’embrasse,


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